My Favorite Superhero

Most all baby boomers grew up reading comic books, watching Saturday morning cartoons and playing games related to our favorite comic book characters. Times have changed now, and there are many more things for our children to do in their spare time like play video games which were not available to baby boomers for the most part. We used to get up early every Saturday morning because that was the only time cartoons were shown on television, and we did not have as many channels to watch. Now, cartoons can be seen 24 hours a day on numerous channels. There were and still are a great number of superhero characters, but perhaps the most popular in my opinion were and still are Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man. But my Favorite Superhero among them is Spider-Man.

I was recently doing some YouTube research and came across some short videos about Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man. I was able to find video tributes to all three characters which were snippets of cartoon and TV show scenes which were put together in a very professional manner. I was also able to find the TV introduction for each comic book character cartoon and their TV shows. I was surprised to find that I could remember every word of each song from the introductions that I have not seen in over 40 years now. There truly is something magical going on here since I can not seem to remember where I put my car keys on a regular basis now but I can remember some brief songs and numerous catchphrases from over 40 years ago.


Most baby boomers can identify which catchphrase goes with each character. These phrases and much more came to my memory faster than I could type and I can even remember all the words to the theme songs. I can still hear the melodies in my head if I concentrate hard enough. I am sure many others can identify with this. There simply must be an underlying factor to why I can recall all this so quickly after such a long period.


Many children and adults alike look up to and idolize certain people that have traits and talents that we aspire to have. Hero worship is common among people who are sports enthusiasts for example. Some people are extremely passionate about sports and their real-life athletic heroes. People want to be like them and be around them. “Be Like Mike” became a catchphrase for Michael Jordan, the basketball player that rose (arguably) above all others in his abilities on the court.


The popularity factor for these characters is a measurable thing with the advent of the internet. Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man have millions of searches each month on Google for keywords and phrases related to them. Other factors prove the popularity of these characters today. There have been a series of blockbuster movies made about each of these characters in recent years that have brought in millions of dollars. There are still TV programs being made about Superman, for example. It is estimated that over three billion dollars are spent every year at Halloween within around 45 days. Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man are some of the most popular costumes every year. A costume search on Google or any other search engine will bear this out.

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